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Body Fat Grafting

Many people have wished at one time or another that they could move a bit of fat from place on their body to another where it would look better – and it can be done.

Fat transfers can be used to augment many areas of the body e.g. biceps, triceps, calf muscles and breasts.

What does the surgery involve?

Fat cells will typically be removed from the stomach or thighs using liposuction and then injected into the chosen area by use of a fine needle.
The fat cells then need to develop their own blood supply – this can take 3 – 4 days to become established and during this time some of the cells will die.

For this reason surgeons often put more fat into the area than is necessary.

What can I expect?

Since transferred fat cells will often be absorbed into the body the results can be unpredictable.

If a large amount of fat is required the process may have to be repeated several times.

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