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About Akademikliniken

Akademikliniken is Scandinavia’s, and one of the world’s largest private hospitals for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Located in Stockholm, the clinic was founded in 1991 and now has over 100 employees including 8 plastic surgeons, and a dermatologist. The clinic also has a state of the art skin care centre.

The AK skin care range

It was here that the Akademikliniken (AK) skin care range was born after two years of intense research and development. The skin care products are built on biological principles and many years of medical experience, combined with the latest developments in anti-ageing skin care science. The products are carefully designed to effectively treat, prevent and repair each skin care concern regardless of age, skin type or condition – using the highest quality, stable raw materials, in the proper concentration, blending and delivery system for maximum efficacy.

It is for this reason that we can refer to the range as a ‘medical skin care range’ or so called ‘cosmeceuticals’.

Links with the Fitzwilliam Clinic

The Fitzwilliam Clinic has developed professional links with Akademikliniken over the past few years. After much careful consideration we made the decision to stock and promote the range ourselves, as both a complement to surgical procedures – (for example the AK Pure Recovery Cream is offered free of charge after facelift procedures due to its amazing healing and repairing properties), or as an alternative skin care method for those not wishing to go down the surgical route.

The products arrived at the clinic in 2007 and the popularity of the range has increased steadily ever since as our clients/patients become more and more aware of the range and its many benefits.

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